How Safe Are Your Computer Files These Days?

June 20th, 2015


Stop for a minute. Have you backed up your files lately?

Here’s a fact. There are still people that are complacent about backing up. They just don’t do it! According to this website, some folks still don’t back up their files. Unfortunately, these folks outnumber the ones that regularly do their backups. This isn’t good.

Are You One Of Them?

So are you one of them? If you are, then it’s time you finally protect your files. Backing them online is the best protection there is.

Let’s face it. Backing up files isn’t exactly a fun thing to do. But it just has to be done. Can you imagine the nightmare if you lose all your files? Your computer is home to your entire file collection. So what if something happens to your computer? How can you actually get back all your files?

This is the kind of scenario that you should take seriously. Most folks are still complacent to back up. Why? Because they think it’ll never happen to them. It’s a horrible scenario that everybody dreads. Sadly, it’s not the kind of scenario that everybody prepares for. Then something bad happens. It’s too late to save anything. This is a scenario you’d want to avoid.

If you’re still not backing up online, it’s time you do. Online backup is the ultimate protection for all your computer files. It’ll save all your files for a very, very long time.

Carbonite Saves You A Lot Of Time

You’re finally realizing the importance of online backup. Suddenly, you find all your flash drives and CDs useless. They’ll never protect your files in the long run.

But something is still holding back. You’re thinking this. How much time do you need to spend backing up online? After all, you’ve already spent a lot of time backing up. Backing up with flash drives really takes a lot of time. So how tedious can it be to back up online?

Did you know Carbonite could back up your files automatically? Yes, it can! Carbonite is the leading online backup software. Their automatic backup can help you save a lot of time. All you have to do is to connect to the internet. All your files will automatically be backed up online. Tagged as “hands-free”, you literally don’t have to do anything. Carbonite automatically backs up your files while you work.

It’s Affordable

Carbonite sounds like a great online backup service. Well, it really is. Now don’t go thinking that this is expensive. It’s not!

Carbonite is very affordable. You can choose from their various plans. They have three kinds of plans. These are the Personal Plans, Pro Plans, and the Server Plans.

Their Personal Plans are perfect for individuals like you. You need an online backup service now. The Personal Plans are very affordable. The Basic Personal Plan is at $59.99 per year. The Basic Plus Plan is at $99.99 per year. And the Basic Prime Plan is at $149.99 per year. These are all affordable figures considering all the benefits you’ll get from Carbonite. In fact, if you hunt down some deals, you can find significant discounts using an offer code for Carbonite Home plans, or if you need one for your business, you can use an offer code for Carbonite Business plans.

The one benefit that you’ll get from Carbonite is the unlimited backup. Yes! That’s correct! You get unlimited online backup with Carbonite. But get this. You pay a FIXED price. Not a lot of online backup services have this particular feature. So if you think about it. This online backup software is really affordable. You won’t end up with any additional charges.

So admit it. You probably haven’t been backing regularly. Even worse, you probably haven’t been backing up at all. It’s not too late. You can now back up with Carbonite. Finally, you’re sure that all your computer files are safe.


Look What Carbonite Can Do For You

May 2nd, 2015


It’s easier now! Yes, backing up your computer files is a lot more convenient now. There’s Carbonite! You don’t have to rely on flash drives. You can finally say good bye to external devices.

By now you’ve heard about Carbonite, right? It’s everywhere. People are using it at home and at the office. But are you using it yourself? Are you finally backing up with Carbonite? If not, it’s time that you do. Look what Carbonite can do for you.

Automatically Backs Up Your Files

This is it! This main feature of Carbonite is heaven-sent. Who would have thought it was possible to have an automatic backup? This was unheard of a few years ago. Thinking back, you’ve spent hours backing up your files. I’m sure you remember how crazy those times were. That was pretty time consuming, right? Plus the fact that it was downright boring! But you had to do it.

Here’s another question for you. How many flash drives have you misplaced? Let’s face it. It’s not easy keeping those little things. I’ve lost a couple as well. So imagine this. There’re so many files out there for the whole world to see. There’s really no guarantee with this kind of backup system (as if it’s system!). You know that, right?

Provides Layers Of Protection

Carbonite protects your files online. It makes use of the 128-bit blowfish technology to encrypt your files. These files are transmitted online using the SSL link. These are layers of security to ensure total file protection.

You get another layer of security from Carbonite. That layer is from the fact that it’s a paid subscription. You wouldn’t risk backing up your files for free, would you? You wouldn’t even think about it. It’s unthinkable to trust a free backup service. Your files are too valuable. They need all the layers of protection from Carbonite.

For Personal and Business Use

Carbonite was initially developed for personal use. The company’s popular personal solutions offers unlimited data backup for a fixed, affordable annual price. A lot of people are using Carbonite to backup all their personal files cause this software is very easy to use and does everything automatically in the background, even as you work on your computer. The company has three offers in their Personal Solutions. These are the Basic Plan, Plus Plan, and Prime Plan.

If you have a business, Carbonite Business backup offers solutions to protect your business from any unforseen man-made or natural disasters which could seriously affect your business. The company has the very popular backup plan called Carbonite Pro solution, which backs up unlimited computers, mobile devices, NAS storage, and servers. Now if you only want to backup your business servers, you might like to look into the company’s comprehensive backup Carbonite Server solution.

Offers Convenience And Affordability

Carbonite is very easy to handle. Just click to download and you’re set to install it. That’s all there is to do. You don’t need any special skills to install it. Literally, anybody can do it!

One thing worth mentioning is this, Carbonite backup is truly affordable. You can afford this. says Carbonite offers an annual rate that fits everybody budget. The deal gets better. This is because Carbonite provides you unlimited storage capacity. You can back up limitless numbers of files with Carbonite. At the same time, you just pay an affordable, annual subscription fee. That’s a pretty good deal, right?

Provides Access To Your Files

Here’s another amazing feature of Carbonite. You can finally get rid of all your flash drives. Why? Well, Carbonite makes it easy for you to access all your files. You can access all your files anytime and anywhere. Amazingly, you can retrieve all your files from another computer. Just make sure that the particular computer is online. Incidentally, you can check out the Carbonite offer code on if you are interested in getting a significant discount on Carbonite. Now if you need a discount for your business, you can also use a Carbonite offer code instant discount for Carbonite Pro and Carbonite Server to save your business some money.

You just need to log into your Carbonite account. You’ll find all your computer files easily. They appear the same way as they do on your computer. No need for you to guess. This is another amazing feature of Carbonite. It keeps a mirror image of your computer. You won’t have a hard time finding and retrieving a file. Everything is easy with Carbonite.

So just imagine this. It’s like having your own private space online. This is where all your files are safely backed up. You can easily access them by logging into your Carbonite account. You can do that from any computer or device.

You know that Carbonite is right for you. Just look at what it can do for you.

Are you using some other online backup software or are you using Carbonite?


Online Backup: The Pros And Cons

January 15th, 2015


You need to read this. Sure, online backup is convenient. But you need to know the pros and cons of it.

What Exactly Is It?

For starters, online backup is the latest trend in the digital world nowadays. Almost everybody is backing up their files this way. Well, it makes so much sense to back up online. It’s convenient and easy to do. You don’t have to use any expensive external devices. Your files are just automatically transferred online. That’s how easy it is. But just like any product and service, it’s not perfect. There are pros and cons of backing up online.

The Advantages

Online backup has loads of advantages. First, all your files are backed up online. You don’t have to do anything. Online backup works by itself. It doesn’t need any interference from your part. It’s literally a hands-free software. You don’t have to do anything with it. Online backups can really help you save some time.

Another advantage is you don’t have to spend on external devices. You can finally throw away your flash drives and CDs. You’ll find no use for those now that you’re backing up online.

Online backup can protect your files even in times of disasters. This is the reason why online backup is sought after. Just picture this. There’s a strong snow storm outside. You need to leave your home for safer grounds. Would you actually consider taking your computer with you? That’s probably the last thing you’d think of, right?

With online backup, you don’t have to worry about your hardware. That’s because you can access your files from another hardware. So you don’t have to worry about picking up your computer. That really is the best part about backing up online.

The Disadvantages

If you don’t look closely, you’ll miss out the disadvantages. But definitely, backing up online also has disadvantages. First of all, some online backup software don’t encrypt files. So you might have some security concerns with that. If your files aren’t encrypted, anybody can just intercept them. Your files can be intercepted by online thieves. You wouldn’t want your personal files to be revealed, would you?

Second of all, some online backup software have limited capacity. So don’t expect all your files to be backed up online. Once you reach the limit, that’s it for you. The rest of your files won’t be backed up.

What You Should Do

You should really choose the right online backup. You need to keep one thing in mind. And that’s the fact that not all online backup software are safe.

You really need to choose well. You need to do your homework. Choosing an online backup that has unlimited capacity is a must. What good would an automatic backup be without unlimited capacity online? You’d still have to worry about your files at some point.

The second thing to consider is how the software protects your files. If it doesn’t encrypt your files, forget it. You need to choose a software that encrypts your files. This way no one can get close to your files.

There’s one online backup that has the strongest encryption process. Carbonite boasts of their 128-bit Blowfish encryption process. No other online backup software has this kind of encryption process. You’re safer with this kind of encryption process.

So it’s really up to you. Online backup is a very convenient service. You just need to use your better judgment in choosing the right one.